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Kamogawa Kokuho Municipal Hospital


Architect Sachiko Yagi + Oshidari Tomohiko / NASCA +partners
Usage Hospital
Structure RC+S
Size 3F
Site area 11,778.08㎡
Area 5,112.15㎡
Completion 2021.2
Award First Prize,Open Design Competition 2017

“Town community care and hospital”
-Transmitting from Kamagawa city, to make Awa region’s tomorrow-

Public hospital created together by 00 residents, government administration and experts
Kamogawa National Health Insurance Hospital, which was opened to eliminate postwar villages with no doctor and to promote health, has been watching over the lives of people in Nagasa region. Because it is a long and narrow area surrounded by natural environment and the population aging is becoming more serious, there is a need for a place that can provide services and information to not only sick patients but also the elderly, people without transport access, poverty-stricken people and other citizens in need of nursing care and support, as well as a place for social interaction. The following 3 themes were given by Kamogawa city.
1.    Citizen support in the event of disaster
2.    Promote future public medical care
3.    Support town revitalization
In order to respond to these, we made a simple, easy to understand hospital plan and proposed this hospital as a space for the “caring community” base. Furthermore, making all private rooms into wards in response to future social needs, we aim to become a base where community-based health care focusing on primary care and long-term care can be linked.


Photos: Asakawa Satoshi