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Hirakawa City Hall


Architect Nobuaki Furuya + NASCA・Yahima・Ko JV
Usage City Hall
Structure S
Size 4F
Site area 22,642㎡
Area 9,889㎡
Completion 2022.7

This is a plan for a new city hall to replace the existing deteriorating building. To best utilize the existing site’s irregular shape and slope, the main building was placed in the center with rectangular parking lots to the East and West.
Hirakawa city, born out of the merger of 3 towns, is located in the South of the Tsugaru Plain. The site has a view of Mt. Iwaki and the Hakkoda mountain range. The design aim was to allow for a view of the scenery wherever you are in the building. A continuity with the surrounding mountains was created by slanting the upper edge of the ribbon windows.
To make it easier to understand and use the city hall a triangular atrium was placed in the center of the building so that you can see the entire building at a glance and the counter windows for each section are clearly visible.
We hope that this government building will become a “plaza” that nurtures the citizens and creates connections between people.

Photos: Asakawa Satoshi