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Himi Arts Hall

31-9 Saiwai, Himi, Toyama, Japan

Architect Furuya Nobuaki+NASCA
Usage Hall
Structure RC+S
Size 4F
Site area 24,754.31㎡
Area 10,455.03㎡
Completion 2022.09
Award First Prize, Open Design Competition 2019

During the design process the floor height above flood level was raised from 0.5m to a maximum of 5m with all of the hall’s major functions lifted on columns.
For the exterior we chose colors that harmonize with the surrounding greenery and the black-tiled houses, the interior color scheme is designed to evoke the Himi’s morning sun and the sea.
The shoebox hall has excellent acoustic performance and can accommodate a wide variety of events such as music, theatre and sports by implementing mobile seating with air casters that can be configured from a tiered arena to a completely flat floor.
Multi-purpose spaces and lobbies are arranged on both sides of the hall. The partition wall can be opened to extend the hall area all the way to the open sky plaza at the bottom of the large staircase.
It is a multi-purpose hall for the next generation where the public spends time, guides its use and creates culture.

Photos: Asakawa Satoshi