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Tree House Yu-an


Architect Furuya Nobuaki+NASCA
Usage Treehouse
Structure W
Area 3.2㎡
Completion 2012.12

This is one of three tree houses planned to be built in the mountain forests close to where the Ando Momofuku center and training facilities of the Nisshin Food company is located. I designed the tree house in the shape of a wooden tub. People enter the tree house from a round opening in the floor. The size of the tree house is roughly 3/4 the length of a traditional Japanese tatami mat, which is the same size as some traditiona tea ceremony rooms. The material used for the walls is called Yoshino cedar and is quarter-sawn timber with no knots. I collaborated with Nara prefecture in acquiring the wooden material. Yoshino cedar was traditionally planted and cultivated to make wooden tubs for brewing barrels of sake. Yoshino ceder is known throughout Japan for its beautiful wood grain, as well.   I designed the barreled-shaped tree house to resemble the shape of a Nisshin Food’s cup and the name comes from “Yuuin,” the name of the tea house which is used in the Urasenke school of the tea ceremony.

Photos: Asakawa Satoshi