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Roadside Station Shonan Tento

Kashiwa, Chiba, JAPAN

Architect Kikkawa Takuya/NASCA
Usage Roadside Station
Structure S
Size 1F
Site area 35,452.08㎡
Area 2,949.37㎡
Completion 2021.11
Publishing Shinkenchiku 2021.12

This is a plan for an extension of the Shonan roadside station located in Kashiwa city, Chiba Prefecture. The new roadside station, built on the shore of lake Teganuma that boasts a quiet waterfront space rich in natural environment and abundant farmland, was expected to play a role in increasing the interaction of the population as the area’s face, in addition to extending the agricultural produce direct sales area and parking lot. Roadside stations are a “public private” facility, where the facility is built by the municipality and the management is entrusted to private businesses. Half of it must have public functions and half must be made up of commercial facilities. In other words, it was necessary to create a gateway for touring lake Teganuma, not just a commercial facility. The roadside station as the entrance gate to the area will become a transit flow line and stopover space for many people. I wanted to make it a bustling plaza that connects visitors and destinations like a square in front of a station or an airport lobby.

Since the architecture needed to be a symbol that could be seen at a glance on a vast site of about 40,000m2, we aimed to blend in with the rural landscape by lining up house-shaped volumes imitating the roof pitch of farm houses. Furthermore, I cut 3 corners of a 67.5m-side square plan facing the 4 cardinal directions at a 45°angle to create an attractive façade for each direction of approach respectively from Abiko (SE), Kashima (SW) and Teganuma (NW-NE). I thought of creating architecture in a way that would be a fitting symbol like a multi-faced multi-armed statue. The space is planned so that the depth of the building and the facades are constantly changing, with multiple vanishing points inside the space you can feel the 2-point and 1-point perspective space at the same time.

The semi-outdoor open space under the large roof eaves was created by arranging the plan 45°relative to the XY axes to create a large span. It invites people in and allows for various activities such as light truck markets or kitchen cars, food events, music events, harvest festivals, etc.

With a 2-direction frame of "welcoming to the roadside station function" and "Teganuma touring sequence", I hope this building that connects various points will become the Shonan area terminal station.

Photos: Asakawa Satoshi