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Blue Sky Nursery School


Architect Furuya Nobuaki+NASCA
Usage Nursery
Structure RC+W
Size 1F
Site area 681.98m2
Area 174.48m2
Completion 2018.01
Publishing Nikkei Architecture2018.October

A project for a nursery attached to the regional medical support hospital “Blue Sky Matsui Hospital” located in Kan’onji city, Kagawa prefecture.

In response to the unusual site, we made a simple volume that fits into a roughly 15m-side square to separate 3 external spaces – the hospital entrance area, an independent garden, and a parking space on the main roadside. To distance the garden from the neighboring houses we are counting on the wooden houses used as the former nursery.

3 childcare areas for 0 to 2 year-olds are loosely partitioned with furniture. The main area is a wide one-room space with a service area casually inserted on the side behind a blue folding screen like wall. The roof, a curved laminated wood lattice wrapped in a shell shape, creates a concentrically expanding space, giving the feeling of a new system.

Because having a tactile experience - “touching natural material with bare skin” - is important for children, wood or stones from a nearby riverbed, etc. are incorporated throughout the interior and exterior.

Photos: Asakawa Satoshi