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Doshisha Kori Media Center


Architect Sachiko Yagi/NASCA+partners
Usage Junior high school・High school・Library
Structure S+RC
Size 2F
Site area 79,910.95㎡
Area 877.48㎡
Completion 2021.4
Award First Prize,Open Design Competition 2018

KEISHINKAN (=Media Center) is a building that coexists with the courtyard’s “Kori no mori” and connects the adjacent existing school buildings.
This place is the crossroads of life and social interaction where students and faculty meet everyday. It takes on the central role of the school space as a stage of life where one can encounter various things such as nature, light, wind, time, space, scenery, books, media, etc. Keeping the existing trees in the courtyard as much as possible, one can see the greenery from anywhere inside the building. In addition, using the existing school building walls as reflectors for soft indirect light a space that blends the inside and outside is created. This KEISHINKAN will in effect become the hub for both hardware and software, and a living space, where people spend their days, that will gently connect the entire campus.
Because now the ICT and virtual information transmission are developing and communication tools are changing rapidly, I think it is essental for middle and high schoolers to meet and develop with people directly. I hope it becomes a place where students passing through when going to and from school visit without a special purpose, spending time as they like, each one finding their own favorite place, discovering their own future and dreams.

Photos: Asakawa Satoshi