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Jissen Gakuen KYOGAKUKAN

2-6-6 Nakano, Tokyo, JAPAN

Architect Furuya Nobuaki・Kikkawa Takuya+NASCA
Usage Gym・Dormitory
Structure RC
Size 1BF・6F
Area 1,022.75㎡
Completion 2021.08

Jissen Gakuen is an integrated middle and high school located in an urban area with convenient transportation with a diverse faculty and students aged 12 to 18 commuting every day. With the design of Freedom Learning Manor House completed in 2011, I was also involved in the design of the new Kyogakukan Facing Yamate str.
Our motto is to create architecture that is ‘a place where people meet’, so I aimed for a design, where one was comfortable wherever they were, where many unique people meet and learn together, and have fun inside.
If the Freedom Learning Manor House is a quiet learning space facing the greenery of the park, the Kyogakukan is an active and lively space. I wanted to create a unique appearance that when faced with a heavy traffic of people and cars would become a showcase for Jissen Gakuen’s activities, an architecture that is memorable once seen.
The aluminum louver screen can be called the face of the building. It gives the building with its various functions a cohesive feeling, also blocks the sometimes dazzling sunlight, softens traffic noise, moderates the line of sight of people passing by, playing the role of a ‘lattice door’. The louver grid gradually morphs from horizontally stretched at the lower floors to vertically stretched at the upper floors, lowering the density for improved visibility. The change helps reduce noise on floors closer to the ground, while creating a better view on the upper floors.
The height of the ceilings is different depending on the floor. The colors also change according to function from a dynamic sports space to the static break and learning space as well as the dormitory. In particular, the top 2 floors are connected by a staircase shaped living area, a relaxing and enjoyable space for boarders to interact with each other.

Photos: Asakawa Satoshi