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Sukumo Hayashi House

3-1-3 Cyuou,Sukumo,Kochi,Japan

Architect Furuya Nobuaki+NASCA
Usage Community space, cafe
Structure W
Size 2F
Site area 1,864.09m2
Area 494.69m2
Completion 2018.04
Award 2018.Kochi,Tree Culture Award

Sukumo city is the hometown of many politicians and greats who played an active part in the end of Edo era, for example Hayashi Yuuzou, zyouzi and yuu. Hayashi House was built by Hayashi Yuuzou in Meiji 22. It was used as place of political activity and now it is familiar to Sukumo ctizens. Hayashi House was private property and was aged. But, it was donated to Sukumo city, so we got the opportunity to renovate it. We thought about updating this valuable historical building as a place of activity for Sukumo ctizens in order to pass this building to the future as a regional memory device. By dividing the building into two areas, "cultural renovation" and "modern renovation", we aimed for Hayashi House to be the center of tourism and town development in Sukumo city, and to be visited by people outside the area. In collaboration with Professor Inayama of Tokyo University, we adopted the "glass wall" and "muntin wall" as a earthquake resistant wall. By holding workshops several times during design and construction, we incorporated the opinions of ctizens into the space and also we planned how to use after completion.

Photos: Asakawa Satoshi